Urpoliitikko – We Are Number One but Robbie has schizophrenia

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Okay this is last one of these for now. ūüėÄ I promise! (I do have some ideas left though lol).

I guess Robbie really has his DREAM team in this one.

Robbie doesn’t really have schizophrenia but his actor Stefan Karl does have cancer. You can help by donating: https://www.gofundme.com/2tm9tqk


  • Urpoliitikko 2 vuotta sitten

    Now listen closely! To everyone asking how this was made let me just copy/paste a comment I wrote earlier. (However, if it would ruin the thought that I have magical powers to you then you better not read!)

    Here it goes:
    "Well, first I took a screenshot of every scene they (<- Bobbie, Tobbie, Flobbie) were in and then just removed them with Photoshop. After that I imported the images to Sony Vegas and used it to mask only Robbie back in the scene. It was not easy since I had to mask almost every frame. In some scenes I just zoomed them out."

    And how long did this take to make? – I dunno exact time, but more than 48 hours easily.

    Why use so much "effort" though? – Well, I could easily do more of these with simpler ideas, but for me editing is more fun when it's actually challenging a bit. I like to do stuff with my own style, and I think you can see that from these videos pretty well. ūüėÄ

    Hopefully all your questions got answered. You can now leave a comment other than "How???!".

  • Vortechord 2 vuotta sitten

    Kids could you lighten up a little?

  • Lantistic Loud 2 vuotta sitten

    Since When There Was A One Player Mode?

  • LittleCookie Monster 2 vuotta sitten

    How the fuck did you make this? That's some real advanced editing skills.

  • Dat0n3 GuYD0uGH 2 vuotta sitten

    RIP Charmx reaction to this

  • Tsai Yong Kang 2 vuotta sitten

    SS=Syok Sendiri

  • Sherell J 2 vuotta sitten

    2:23 is my favorite part for obvious reasons, especially on max volume

  • CerealSchmoob 2 vuotta sitten

    Does this count as a YTP?

  • Otto Nieuwpoort 2 vuotta sitten

    I love the Tunak tunak at 1:01 XD

  • Aiden Jones 2 vuotta sitten

    Why is Robbie performing with Batman's parents


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