Savjz – ”When’s Christmas?” -Twitch Chat

Julkaistu täällä: marraskuu 5, 2016 Julkaisija: Savjz

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  • B.A Botan 3 vuotta sitten

    Christmas is where they dress up and go trick or treating for candy.

    Its already over guys.

  • mattbrw08 3 vuotta sitten

    wait.. why did he have to attack with the emperor first??

  • Boyzby 3 vuotta sitten

    Well, this year, Christmas started early October. I know this, because that's when I saw all the stuff go up in stores.

  • wayne clark 3 vuotta sitten

    santas been trying to get birth control passed hes really being overwhelmed hes also in favor of nuclear war could be a front runner pushing it i have theories on this claus fellow

  • Filibb1 3 vuotta sitten

    11 and 8 dmg swipe… feelsgoodman

  • Veni Aljo 3 vuotta sitten

    Gotta see the 34 damage lethal highlight too that game was hilarious, finishing off warrior just in time to leave for Blizzcon

  • TheZackofSpades 3 vuotta sitten

    Savjz is a great player…but the editing on these 😂💯💯

  • Interloper 3 vuotta sitten

    Why did you have to start with the clickbait youtube thumbnails? 🙁

  • murph1309 3 vuotta sitten

    Good meme give it at least 12/25

  • Smasher39 2 vuotta sitten

    I don't understand how going face with the whelp would have made him miss lethal. It would have triggered the explosive, then the freezing trap killing the whelp but putting it in his hand, and then killing the thaurisan. He froze the thaurisan anyway, so it dealt no damage. So, wouldn't it have been the exact same if he just went face with the whelp first?


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