Savjz – WHAT A BUFF! THE NEW YSERA ROCKS! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

Julkaistu täällä: maaliskuu 24, 2020 Julkaisija: Savjz

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  • Приколы с бородой 1 viikko sitten

    Hello from Russia. Savjz if you see my comment, pls like that

  • Juan Bernardo Martinez Ramon 1 viikko sitten

    I hate you only because you sold the 9/9 dragon instead of the welp 🙁

  • SorteSambo 1 viikko sitten

    12:17 – I know he got the triple right after this, but why not keep the two Murozonds around rather than keeping the taunted dragon pair he had? Golden Murozond just seems so much better to get

  • Woffit Gaming 1 viikko sitten

    Alexzstraza or w.e her name is; "Get to tavern 5 and discover 2 dragons".
    How is this fair? 😂

  • Woombath 1 viikko sitten

    9:47 Thanks for that random twitch viewer.

  • Spike 1 viikko sitten

    still waiting for the day i get a seisure from those constant mouse movements all over the place xD

  • Ex0rz 1 viikko sitten

    LAst time I played Yzera I just bought 7 Red Welps and they carried half of my games lol. Sometimes I won matches without even having to attack 😀 People should deffo try it out, its super fun.

  • Minitell 1 viikko sitten

    Savjz and buying pointless Battlemasters with every comp, name a more iconic duo.

  • Rorre 1 viikko sitten

    I have to say that on Battlegrounds your tavern board limit isn't exactly 7, it's your tavern tier number of units + 1. So at 1* you'd get no more than 4 units no matter how long you'd try to freeze and on 2* you'd get no more than 5 units.

  • antallusion 1 viikko sitten

    @UCg2hpz9dQdsS6fJuoWC8zvQ! Stop! You should stop to be such a nice person.


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