Savjz – Tombstone is BROKEN! | Dota Underlords | Savjz

Julkaistu täällä: syyskuu 7, 2019 Julkaisija: Savjz

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  • Silmac Biru 3 vuotta sitten

    Blue dragon…ggwp

  • thevinh tran 3 vuotta sitten

    This item is broken XD

  • Gilded Drake 3 vuotta sitten

    the sumoning + tombstone + 4 3*… I feel sorry for your opponents.

  • Darkmega11 3 vuotta sitten

    Tombstone isn't just a super strong item- it's bugged. I'm not sure if it's been patched, but a few days ago, I went against a Warrior build with tombstone and undying helmets. I would win the fight, only to "draw" due to the round ending at the same time the last enemy unit spawned a zombie. As in, not the timer running out naturally- there were always a good 15 seconds left- but as soon as the last enemy died within range of the tombstone in the back, the fight would resolve as a draw. Not sure if it was due to undying helmets or if it's just bugged by itself. I "drew" three matches versus them while they were at 3 hp, and they lived long enough to 3* a few units and get a neutral round item. I got 2nd, they got 1st. I have never felt so cheated.

  • Waldo de la Calzada 3 vuotta sitten

    Why does Savjz hate Heartstone?

  • The Great Cornholio 3 vuotta sitten

    Savjz killed me with those remarks on his way of talking using twitch emotes. Its pretty funny tbh and I do it too sometimes.. xD

  • New Wave 3 vuotta sitten

    I m simple man. I see Savjz' new video, i like ^_^v

  • Isaac Ranucci 3 vuotta sitten

    Savjz, I don’t know if you read all comments. But I was just watching your first video when you started back playing, and scrappy Assassin is actually very good. I’ve won countless games running 6 scrappy, 4 inventor with ace effect, and 2 warlock with distruptor with ace as welll. Very good build.

  • c j 3 vuotta sitten

    Entertaining vid mate, thanks and greetings from Australia ❤️

  • Person 3 3 vuotta sitten

    Love this comp, tried it yesterday with slight changes; 4 primordials (no enigma), 3 mages (cm, puck, razor), 3 assas (morph, slark, viper), 3 warriors (tiny, tide, doom).


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