Savjz – See! Tracking is Amazing!

Julkaistu täällä: syyskuu 12, 2017 Julkaisija: Savjz

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  • Oguzalp Ilhan 2 viikkoa sitten

    Hi savjz <3 -one day he will see me :(( –

  • Marcos Viana 2 viikkoa sitten

    SavjZ is gay?

  • Matěj 'stinx' Király 2 viikkoa sitten



  • Dime Najdovski 2 viikkoa sitten

    What do i replace kindly grandmother with?

  • Rero Kakoyin 2 viikkoa sitten

    omg thats cancer

  • kelpo 2 viikkoa sitten

    Why don't you run scavenging hyena? You could at least take out 1 golakka crawler for it. So much early game pressure wasted though

  • The Blackerino Knighterino Kripperino 2 viikkoa sitten

    Is this deck worth using? I have a midrange hunter myself but I never thought it possible to reach legend.

  • Joseph Janda 2 viikkoa sitten

    1 2 3 4 19. Silly Savjz thats not how you count

  • silenceyoufool fool 2 viikkoa sitten

    It would be cool if you posted the deck codes in the description for us to copy

  • muralem asdarevic 2 viikkoa sitten

    The face he made at 4:08 PRICELESS 😀

  • Sobanya 2 viikkoa sitten

    Tracking is almost a win condition for this deck.

  • Wantya 2 viikkoa sitten

    Learn how to count with Savjz ! Now repeat after me : 1, 2, 3, 4, 19 !

  • worst possible War thunder plays 2 viikkoa sitten

    I remember once tracking get me feugen and stalagg and another kill command and after that I was done with tracking

  • Kratatch 2 viikkoa sitten

    Tracking is like losing 3 cards to gain 1. However as Hunters dont run fatigue decks it dont really matter. Getting a card of your choice is good for fast games.

  • Megalobst/Dark Bullet: XIV 2 viikkoa sitten

    Tracking is a great card i ve played many other card games and i have to agree. 1mana draw a card OUT OF TOP 3, which is different from just draw card and you decide which as well

  • Charlie Walton 2 viikkoa sitten

    Is this deck viable without rexxar?

  • h7oda mazika 2 viikkoa sitten

    the people who thinks tracking is bad, are the same people playing those greedy control decks that go to fatigue, where every card matters.

  • Soulstorm Gaming 2 viikkoa sitten

    you get one card and you actually lose three cards and one mana

  • DIV1D3 2 viikkoa sitten

    I've actually been having a lot of fun and success with my own Secret/Face Hunter, mainly because it's the only decent deck I can create, but I'm really looking forward to getting the Hunter DK for a lategame win-condition.

  • FrendzeLPL 2 viikkoa sitten

    Tracking is shit. It makes me laugh when someone try to convince me with just a simple example where tracking did something useful. I saw tracking hundred of times when it was useless or havent given even slighty expected outcome, making you discard 2 good cards in favor of other one, which you often couldnt play until very late game but you had to take it cuz it was your best win condition…

  • Anıl Akdeniz 2 viikkoa sitten

    we want to see you again at legendary 1 :'|

  • bc_77 2 viikkoa sitten

    I play hunter as my main class on HS, and speaking from experience I can 100% say that Tracking is one of if not the most underperforming hunter cards alongside Raptor Hatchling and Infested wolf. It's not the fact that it's a bad card, it's that it generally forces you to move your gameplan in a direction that you may have not been going up until then, and it distracts you from using the other 2 options which may be a decider for you later in the game… oh, and also that it's the Hunters version of card draw so obv Blizzard is going to make it trash

  • Theorist Jeff 2 viikkoa sitten

    If your deck has any chance of going to/near fatigue without already winning or losing, Tracking sucks. Burning 2-4 cards out of your deck kills yourself. Players who build Hunter this way are rare, because Hunter has so few tools to last that long without losing vs a deck from another class also built to go the distance.

    If your deck needs certain cards to win, and needs them "in bulk", Tracking sucks. Too easily you draw 2-3 cards that you wanted to draw, then have to burn cards you needed. Afterward you are drawing into cards you don't need. Better for decks like this are cards such as Stitched Tracker, to grab a copy of your strong card without even pulling the original from your deck.

    If your deck is just playing the mana curve and you only need to draw a card that spends your mana, Tracking arguably doesn't suck. Instead of sitting on 3-4 unused mana and watching your aggressive push wilt to a bad turn, you Tracking into a strong card and play it. Decks are built around Tracking — it's not added to a deck, it's the first 2 cards you put in. After that you build the deck to not turn Tracking into a card that sucks.

    The reason some players, even players who understand everything I just said, say that Tracking sucks is that a card like Stitched Tracker fills the same slot well. Just when your aggro deck full of mostly low mana cards runs out of gas, you drop a Stitched Tracker and whatever it finds to get 2 minions out of 1 card. That's better than Tracking into one good card a lot of the time, even in decks built to use Tracking well.

  • Prospector_William _ 2 viikkoa sitten

    LOL nice title for the video … if tracking is amazing then hunter would be in meta but hes not because his cards are shit

  • REALwoombath 2 viikkoa sitten

    Stiched tracker and bearshark, like why? There are so many better cards like hyena, roc or even one rhino.

  • MasterOfGalaxies77 2 viikkoa sitten

    Some perspective on Tracking from other card games. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, there's a card called Pot of Desires. Yugioh spells don't cost mana, so it's basically equivalent to a 0-mana Arcane Intellect, but it has a different drawback. It's cost is that it removes the top 10 cards of your 40 card deck from play, similar to how Tracking dumps what you don't pick. People joke about it being a "minus 9" instead of a "plus one" (referring to card advantage) but that doesn't stop it from being one of the most powerful cards in the game today, with every deck in the meta making room for it at one point or another.

  • Lord ViRuX 2 viikkoa sitten

    What a strange image tracking has. An orc and a night elf hunting together?

  • Brandon Matthew 2 viikkoa sitten

    Tracking is good if you can consistently not go into the late game. People over-rate it though because it's a great effect in MTG, but MTG has 60x card decks, mana in the form of cards, and you run up to four of a single card usually.

  • TheAnomaly 2 viikkoa sitten

    TLDR: Card is amazing because it is targeted draw, thins the deck and the burned cards do not matter most of the time.

    Initially made this as a reply to a comment but a lot more people than i expected don't seem to understand why tracking is borderline broken as a card so here goes.

    Well since Savjz didn't really explain, I will. For the record, I also used to hate the card before I understood it.

    What if those cards were at the bottom of your deck anyhow and you never saw them? Unless the game goes to fatigue(if this happens as a hunter you clearly did something wrong and/or were going to lose anyhow) and you draw to the point where you would've drawn them if they were the very last cards then they do not matter. In fact it is better to have burned them because you don't play for a possible win condition you no longer have. The only other situation aside from fatigue that burning an important card matters is if the only way you have to win a late game matchup where you have time to draw for them is 2 specific cards and both appear in your tracking.

    Now that is why the card isn't awful. Here is why it is amazing. You have the chance to control exactly what you draw from it(stitched tracker is also amazing btw. Sadly it is a hunter card. Most other classes would kill people for this card). Then after the draw it has thinned your deck giving you increased chances of drawing any 1 specific card you need the exact same way getting patches pulled from the deck does. It does all this for 1 mana meaning you literally can squeeze it into any turn where you even slightly miss your ability to tempo out early minions.

  • Troy Maye 2 viikkoa sitten

    Didnt Kibler already say Tracking was good

  • Hashy K.O. 2 viikkoa sitten

    SUBERINOS !!!!

  • Wendel Bolzan 2 viikkoa sitten

    Funny thing, while in MTG, Ponder is one of the strongest cards ever made, while in HS (almost same card) is considered trash

  • Alexander Levy 2 viikkoa sitten

    People say Tracking is bad because it doesn't contribute very well to the only thing hunter is good at, which is face.

  • Andrew Turner 2 viikkoa sitten

    In the first game, Savjz played only 13 cards (including a Patches). Oh my God, he wasted 17 cards! He had a card in his hand at the end of the game, twelve cards in his deck, and he wasted four to Tracking!

    Leaving cards in your deck or in your hand is the same as throwing cards away to Tracking. Do you expect to finish your games with no cards in deck?

  • Mysterious Swordsman 2 viikkoa sitten

    The power of tracking is that it thins your deck usally the picks that are discarded is stuff you don't want to be top decking so it basiclly gives you better top decks as you approach the mid and late game and draws you a card of your choice

  • Mike Hunt 2 viikkoa sitten

    How to count in Finnish:

    öne twö trëë för ninëtëën.

  • Ex0rz 2 viikkoa sitten

    People think tracking is bad cause its bad like 20-30% of the time 😀 Which kinda makes it a good card, since its good most the time. Sometimes you discard very good cards…

  • Angthelion 2 viikkoa sitten

    loool that Jocker smile at 4:07 … love it! xD

  • Danny Pestolesi 2 viikkoa sitten

    I thought tracking sucked when i first played as well. I only get 1 card but throw away 2 others… why is that good. But with deathstalker rexxar i now realize its value. I have 2 in deck to get to it faster. Tracking either finds the threat you need for a situation or greatly increases your chance at getting it. And then it removes two other cards you didnt need at that moment and brings you closer to drawing your other threats for later

  • sombra r34 2 viikkoa sitten

    Someone likes face

  • PHUSII 2 viikkoa sitten


  • Cute Hamster 2 viikkoa sitten

    I hate patches.

  • Shiro Ai 2 viikkoa sitten

    I think so too, that tracking sux, at least for me. Have used it like 20 times, all times it was terrible bad. :/

  • Michael Fade 2 viikkoa sitten

    Plz don't play these retarded agro decks, i see enough of them as my enemies when i play.

  • SSJ Lucario 2 viikkoa sitten

    Tracking works best when you find yourself in a situation where you need say a KC for lethal or a Houndmaster for survival , in that sense it's potentially one of the best cards in the game and rightfully so in a class that can abuse it but it's not good at all in very early stages of the game and never play it just to fill your curve

  • Прохор Попов 2 viikkoa sitten

    Look at my tracking, my tracking is amazing!

  • stancifka 2 viikkoa sitten

    I wish I could count like that

  • Pablo Meijide Santos 2 viikkoa sitten

    Kibler on the phone, he says you stole his vid title

  • Arthur Graton 2 viikkoa sitten

    tracking is only bad if you get to fatigue, and if you get to fatigue, you loose anyway

  • aimlesfez 2 viikkoa sitten

    Bear Shark Pirate Hunter PogChamp


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