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Julkaistu täällä: tammikuu 10, 2019 Julkaisija: Savjz

I know this is spoilery, but it’s just a 1 time thing for my first time hitting Mythic! SO EXCITED WOOOOOOHOOOOOO
4 Clifftop Retreat (DAR) 239
4 Haphazard Bombardment (DAR) 131
4 Memorial to War (DAR) 246
3 Seal Away (DAR) 31
2 Arch of Orazca (RIX) 185
2 Evolving Wilds (RIX) 186
4 Star of Extinction (XLN) 161
3 Thaumatic Compass (XLN) 249
4 Treasure Map (XLN) 250
5 Plains (RIX) 192
4 Mountain (RIX) 195
2 Cleansing Nova (M19) 9
1 Crucible of Worlds (M19) 229
4 Deafening Clarion (GRN) 165
4 Sacred Foundry (GRN) 254
2 Dawn of Hope (GRN) 8
2 Karn, Scion of Urza (DAR) 1
2 Ixalan’s Binding (XLN) 17
2 Fountain of Renewal (M19) 235
2 Banefire (M19) 130
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  • David Rodriguez 6 kuukautta sitten

    I was here 🙂

  • Nick Ritchie 6 kuukautta sitten

    I've really been enjoying these kind of RW land destruction/prison decks. Seen a lot of streamers trying out similar stuff.

  • vonBelfry 6 kuukautta sitten

    I always thought Savjs would go to MTG. The meta takes longer to establish and it's easier to counter decks that are played to a "cancerous" level. In fact, whenever I see a top tier deck, there's always 5 different subtypes with changed cards, and a bunch of subtypes of those subtypes. And some of those are budget decks that still work pretty well.

  • Flibo 6 kuukautta sitten

    gg for reaching mythic ! Also I really enjoy to see you playing fun decks and still winning against meta decks 🙂

  • xakuyer 6 kuukautta sitten

    Pretty good savjz

  • gatto meccanico 6 kuukautta sitten


  • Robin Franzén 6 kuukautta sitten

    I was here ;D

  • Daniel Martínez 6 kuukautta sitten

    WTF lucker

  • magemaatikko 6 kuukautta sitten

    Congratz! I am struggling in MTG to find decent but not retard(e.g. mono red burn) deck to climb. I need your help, I have great collection but I am so tired about mono white weenie. Any counter decks for Izzet Drakes(except for mono red burn)? Thank You so much!

  • kobisjeruk 6 kuukautta sitten

    Getting to mythic with LanD…holy cow. I dont know how many games you actually played (I was here) with it but its impressive nonetheless.


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