Savjz – 100%* Winrate Blackhowl Gunspire Deck

Julkaistu täällä: huhtikuu 15, 2018 Julkaisija: Savjz

*(very limited sample size)
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  • JebusCookies 1 vuosi sitten

    That bitch warlock deserved to lose with all those tech cards be crammed into his deck. Owl silence, 2 voodoo dolls, ooze, gtfo

  • guardian1102 1 vuosi sitten

    1-0 100% winrate

  • KeyC 1 vuosi sitten

    I am so glad that the youtube comment section is not part of the blizzard balance team.

  • DIV1D3 1 vuosi sitten

    Man the music and VOs in this expansion are so fking epic.

  • eder machaca neira 1 vuosi sitten

    ceviche <3

  • Johnny Toumieh 1 vuosi sitten

    If he casts warpath 5 times, a maximum of 3 shots will be eaten by minions while his play, if he's unlucky, 4 shots can be eaten by the minions.
    (Think about it and you'll see it's true -> look at the whirlwind effects)

    His method fires 12 shots while casting warpath 5 times will fire 10.

    If we take the worst case scenario for both, his method will deal 1 more shot to the face. But i think in the average scenario, 5 warpath would be better there!

    If someone can do the maths that'd be great!

  • Q8 Darius 1 vuosi sitten

    If some one copied this deck, pls tell me if its worth to use up all my dust on it

  • Tay and You 1 vuosi sitten

    Damn, I disenchanted that tower card because I thought it was trash

  • luizollo 1 vuosi sitten

    Fucking nevrotic , keep that mouse STILL. Really like the deck btw!

  • Daniel Moret 1 vuosi sitten

    Boom! Boom! Boom!


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