SAARA – my most EMBARRASSING story

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  • millie williams 8 kuukautta sitten

    Here goes. I was about 12 years old and my mom never let me have sleepovers at our house but for some reason she made an exception for my new best friend who shall remain nameless. So, we do what normal girls do. Play house( I was the husband) , make our Barbie and Ken have sex , you know, the usual. We go to bed in my bed and I woke up the next morning to find my alcoholic Step Father butt naked lying across the bottom of the bed. I looked at my friend and she was already awake. I was mortified. I screamed for my mom and after some very embarrassing and emotionally scarring things happened, my new bff became my ex bff immediately after calling her parents to pick her up. The end.

  • Indie Lord 8 kuukautta sitten

    My whole life is embarrassing 😚

  • jack james 8 kuukautta sitten

    Well I guess I’ll give it a go. Picture a 7 year old boi having a bday party with his friends at his family’s house. Everyone’s having a jolly ol’ time until his dad (the babysitter) left to grab a drink. While he was gone, the boi had to pee, so he was dared by one of his lady friends to pee in front of everyone. This big boi’s balls dropped 10 flippin’ feet and gained 3 feet in diameter cus he did. Everyone seeing his Peter Piper wasn’t the worst part though, but his father walked out as the young boi had commenced the dare. Words cannot describe how ashamed and furious he was. I have many childhood terrors just like this bc young me was so ignorant and dumb😂. And no, present me does not do this often, jic you may think I’m a lunatic, there ya go 😁

  • Ilia Fischer 8 kuukautta sitten

    Weeeeell….I was with my boyfriend at a friends house ( I was about 18 ) and we stayed up very late this evening… our fried said that he was tired allready and that he goes to bed now.
    My BF and I were quite horny at that time and we decided that it would be the best to go into the living room so we don‘t wake up our friend..(worst idea eveeer!!!) .
    It was very late in the night so we dind‘t thought of enything to happen…
    As we were making out we decided that we want to go further..(also a horrible idea btw..)
    So i started to give him a head…it was all great actually BUT!!!!…suddenly we hear the door and a sound …(i think I heard „oh no“ 🧐) and we realised that the mum of our very good friend saw ME having the fucking COCK of my BF in my mfk moulth…💀

    Wellbthats my story and in my opinion the most horrific story EVEEERRR!!!

    Love ya ! xoxo

  • DatFaceClan 8 kuukautta sitten

    OK…. I was about 10 years old and i was in the shops with my mum when she walks into a post office and tells me too sit down somewhere, so i did and she didnt come out of at least 30 minutes and i mind you i was looking down on my phone. After this random lady that looks like my mum walks out of the post office, so I follow her. When she walked out of the shopping centre I scream "wait for me mum" and she doesnt know that its her im shouting to. she gets into a car that in no way looks like my car but i didnt care i was busy on my phone. So i hop in to the backseat and the lady looks behind her and sees a little boy in her back seat so she says "OH WHAT THE F*CK, GET OUT BEFORE SOMEONE THINKS IM A CHILD RAPIST" i was like wtf but i got out. Mind you i didnt know what a rapist was, so I ask my parents. That was the day where i lost my innocence :)))

  • DatFaceClan 8 kuukautta sitten

    I hope the 10 seagulls molest the 43 people that disliked this vid :)))))

  • Gingemini 8 kuukautta sitten

    More of this please ^^

  • Elizabeth 8 kuukautta sitten

    omg when i was about 7 i went to a swimming pool with my family, i saw someone who looked exactly like my dad and decided to hug him, it wasnt him, feelsbad.jpg

  • Alyssa Mangy 8 kuukautta sitten

    Hair growth update?

  • Nada R 8 kuukautta sitten

    My mum found a condom in my clothes when she was doing the laundry ;-;


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