finngamer – Recent collecting, part 57

Julkaistu täällä: marraskuu 13, 2015 Julkaisija: finngamer

Kuuntele Spotifyssa!

Lots of new Wii U games and some others as well.

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  • Chad_K 3 vuotta sitten

    That's awesome about Halo 5 – I can't stand when you pay all that money for a console/handheld and they're too cheap to give you a physical copy of the game (or when it comes in a cardboard sleeve like PSP/PS3/Wii did with some games).

  • BrianFerriera 3 vuotta sitten

    Your so lucky to have the option of getting a physical copy of maiden of black water we don't have the option in the US

  • This no gay, this Wesley 3 vuotta sitten

    Ooh, you have to open that Shovel Knight box, it has a beautiful, thick, colorful instruction booklet. Ordered my copy a couple of days ago, can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • Travis Sorenson 3 vuotta sitten

    I beg of you to buy Disgea 5. It is an amazing game and I know you will love it. Unfortunately it sells terribly and the company needs all the support they can get

  • MP 3 vuotta sitten

    mäkin ostin Pokemon Colosseumin takaisin itselleni muutama kuukausi sitten kun oma peli on ollut kadoksissa/jossain roskiksessa varmaan viimeiset 5v. Aivan uskomattoman hyvä peli mielestäni vieläkin, kohta on läpi 🙂 (en ole siis pelannut hirveän aktiivisesti mutta tykkään keräillä joitain pelejä).

  • succ you're mum 3 vuotta sitten

    Do you have Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer?

  • TheXyz255 3 vuotta sitten

    What would you suggest for beginning collector (e.g. gameboy games) – systematical collecting based on the list of games or grab anything what I see? (If I don't count games what I like so I will focus on getting these)

  • LMTR14 3 vuotta sitten

    I sure like your wii u collection

  • eddie1134 3 vuotta sitten

    did you know that for guitar  hero their are two version. A single guitar and a double  pack guitar.

  • SwordLily 2 vuotta sitten

    man, those pegi logos are unattractive.


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