finngamer – Amiibo, 3rd Wave unboxing & review

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Kuuntele Spotifyssa!

The third wave of Super Smash Bros. amiibos is out. I’m going to unbox and review every amiibo that comes out, be sure to subscribe!

For the best way to open the boxes while preserving them, go to 1:07!

Amiibos reviewed in this video:
19. Rosalina & Luma
20. Bowser
21. Lucario
22. Toon Link
23. Sheik
24. Ike

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  • Paul Komarnicki 4 vuotta sitten

    You know you can just hold the front plastic and pull back the carton back? 😀 No need to cut anything, it works like magic 😀

  • Danny Phantom 4 vuotta sitten

    Dislike because you forgot sonic and megaman

  • Ryan 4 vuotta sitten

    I LUV U!

  • CPTIsMe 4 vuotta sitten

    were any these store exclusives in your area?

  • T-ROB 4 vuotta sitten

    Man ike he!!

  • T-ROB 4 vuotta sitten

    The best amiibo for last!!!!

  • LMTR14 3 vuotta sitten

    easily the wimpiest and ugliest link ever

  • LMTR14 3 vuotta sitten

    what's the point of the bandage on her hair!?!

  • RevolvingWorld 2 vuotta sitten

    Do you think sometimes Nintendo makes messed up amiibos as a little joke so so someone can find them?

  • Chill T 2 vuotta sitten

    This wave featured a few raritys, and one guy I definitely need.


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