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Here are all 10 games/software released for the Nintendo 64 add-on, the 64DD (Disk Drive):

F-Zero X Expansion Kit
Japan Pro-Golf Tour 64
Kyojin no Doshin
Kyojin no Doshin: Kaiho Sensen Chibikko Chikko Daishugo
Mario Artist: Communication Kit
Mario Artist: Paint Studio
Mario Artist: Polygon Studio
Mario Artist: Talent Studio
RandNet Disk
Sim City 64

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  • pitrox 5 vuotta sitten

    dd media was magnetic… now i know why Nintendo dd addon failed

  • Jameswhite89 5 vuotta sitten

    i actually think nintendo could just dump the nx and pick this back up.. i would buy a more robust and finished 64dd over a nx anyday.. so much mystery here

  • platano214 5 vuotta sitten

    Nintendo 64DD and Randnet- so much lost potential… Nintendo needs to dual support it's console. Give your old console a bit of life until the new one builds up a library, not like you do today. Cancel one as soon as new one comes out.

  • platano214 5 vuotta sitten

    Ura Zelda and Beta Zelda, Mother 3, Super Mario 128, Metroid64???? F-Zero Exp.pak was a slight glimpse of what this system could have been.

  • Dmitriy K. 5 vuotta sitten

    Hello; thanks for uploading ! This was a very interesting video ! 😏😂😐😆

  • Talkren 5 vuotta sitten

    I recently purchase the 64DD and am going through getting the games for it. How hard is it to find the mouse? I have yet to find a single one.

  • Michael Echeverria 4 vuotta sitten

    I'm jealous!! XD

  • Ryne Mckinney 4 vuotta sitten

    your accent is weird…

  • COLLIN LAPIDUS 4 vuotta sitten

    No Mario no Zelda? Not complete to me ;-; NO DD will be complete without it… Oh wait…

  • Christocream 4 vuotta sitten

    blue disk??


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