Dave Cad – TRYING FINNISH ICE CREAMS (taste test) | Summer 2019

Julkaistu täällä: kesäkuu 11, 2019 Julkaisija: Dave Cad

FINALLY after years of requests, here’s my first Finnish Ice Creams taste test AND the launch of this summer’s taste test series! Check back every Tuesday for a new tasting video!
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• How old are you? •

• How tall are you? •
6ft 4 (or 192 cm)

• Where do you live? •
Helsinki, Finland

• What camera gear do you use in this video?•
Canon EOS R (body)
Canon EF 16-35 f4 L IS
Rode Video Mic Pro+

• What program do you edit with? •
Adobe Premiere Pro CC


  • Maritta Mustonen-smith 1 vuosi sitten

    It's a hard job but someone's got to do it I guess..thats how I eat ice cream..chocolate first..do u get those block ice creams..like Tiikeri..its the best in the world..fond memories.

  • Maritta Mustonen-smith 1 vuosi sitten

    Never was keen on Ingman..Valio best

  • Tuuli 1 vuosi sitten

    I just love these taste tests, can’t think of anything more relaxing to watch! 😅

  • Lena Savoka 1 vuosi sitten

    You should try the Classic ones

  • SSJ Blue Draven 1 vuosi sitten

    If you are still working out and want to get something good that helps with working out try buying raejuusto and eat it with your normal meals or by itself if you like it so you can stop eating those protein yoghurts

  • Eveliina 1 vuosi sitten

    Please do another ice cream taste test with some tub ice creams! Definitely get some Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö, Jymy, also Suomen Jäätelö (spruce flavour as someone suggested, I also love the rhubarb sorbet!). The best Finnish ice creams come in tubs!

  • Eveliina Laine 1 vuosi sitten

    That jättis kaktus is my fave ! ❤️

  • Eveliina Laine 1 vuosi sitten

    That kaktus ice cream is pear flavored ice cream with salty caramel Core inside and kaktus flavored hard topping.

  • Fawningsorrow 1 vuosi sitten

    It would be interesting to see you trying some vegan ice creams!

  • Yoara 1 vuosi sitten

    9:25 It's true! Da Capo candies were originally recycled liquor chocolates that had not passed quality control, with a bit of rum added in to even out the flavor. Apparently the name means something like "from the beginning" in Italian.

    My personal favorite ice cream for summer is Solero Exotic, made by Ingman. In the wintertime, it's all about liquorice and salmiak and out-souring the foul weather out of sheer spite.


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