Beyond the press – What Happens If We Upload Twice As Many Videos? Let’s see!

Julkaistu täällä: heinäkuu 3, 2017 Julkaisija: Beyond the press

Since we have Atte working as an our trainee for this month we decided to pump up our video production schedules to at least 4 videos per week to see what affect it will have.

Link to Veritasium 2 video


  • Beyond the press 2 vuotta sitten

    You can also suggest what kind of videos you would like to see now when we are making really lot of them. Making of videos and other videos that are easy to make are best recommendations for this use. I think I have quite good amount of ideas for "big videos" for this month but we are making also lot of different material now as an test

  • A ZC 2 vuotta sitten


  • OskarnikPL 2 vuotta sitten

    D O U B L E
    U P L O A D

  • AirborneSurfer 2 vuotta sitten

    One day I'll be able to afford my own giant editor who speaks Finnish and German!

  • BelovedChirry 2 vuotta sitten

    I'm happy we are getting more videos, but I hope you don't work too hard and burn yourselves out!

  • TheMrAlesT 2 vuotta sitten


  • Faris Whitbread 2 vuotta sitten

    press aluminium foil into body armour

  • cpypcy 2 vuotta sitten

    Fuck youtube, who have time to watch all subs in first 3 days? ASSHOLES! I missed so many BTP videos you don't even know! Like this one.

  • Sašo M 2 vuotta sitten

    Youtube promoting quantity over quality 🤦🏼‍♂️ vloggers get more views than quality animations and other videos that take weeks to make 😤

  • QuestionXV 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey the slingshot channel just reviewed that air pump at the beginning of the video, the chinese yong heng.


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