Beyond the press – We put a Fireproof Safe in Burning House

Julkaistu täällä: maaliskuu 24, 2019 Julkaisija: Beyond the press

We but Fireproof/fire-resistant safe in to party collapsed barn and burn the whole thing! And then after 20 hours we open the safe too se did it protect out valuable items? Don’t try this extreme test at home ūüėÄ


  • Caffeinated Skwirl 4 viikkoa sitten

    Schrodinger's cat experiment doesn't work if the cat isn't in the box ūüď¶

  • John Fawkes 4 viikkoa sitten

    but what if you had built your house from thermite?

  • Julian Driebeek 4 viikkoa sitten

    I see you have Civ 5 and 6 on your computer. The two of you should play some time for your gamming channel

  • Steve Kay 4 viikkoa sitten

    One of the best parts of that video was when Arnie said "and then we have nelly" when she was going to put it in the safe that was wicked funny

  • Kommentti Kommentti 4 viikkoa sitten

    Aika n√§tti setuppi ja on kaikki gaming n√§ppikset, hiiret ja headsetit ūüėÄ kuka teil siel pelaa?

  • Jack 4 viikkoa sitten

    Nice first test. If you try again, add some temperature recording devices to see what's going on during the cooking.

  • Jussi Ketonen 4 viikkoa sitten

    T√§√§ oli hyv√§ video! Luulis ett√§ se l√§mp√∂ menis kuitenki l√§pi ett√§ kaikki palais. Ehk√§ pit√§s vaan olla paljon pidemm√§n aikaa notskissa…

  • Glaucio Scapinelli 4 viikkoa sitten

    I am pretty sad that you didnt put some flash drives and hard disks there. That would be amazing for us IT guys to know.
    We store backup drives in safes.

  • Cal 4 viikkoa sitten

    I just love that you take your cat with you when you go and do these sorts of things

  • 4Kandlez 4 viikkoa sitten

    That's one hell of a barbecue!


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