Aleksi Rinne – Beta 2019 Enduro Bikes – Light & Powerful

Julkaistu täällä: heinäkuu 5, 2019 Julkaisija: lefa25

I got a chance to test the 2019 Beta enduro bikes in this amazing Finnish enduro track. The video includes my test&thoughts for the 300RR, 250RR, 200RR, 350RR and 390RR.
Hope you enjoy the video!

Big thanks to my local dealer, Takatalo, for this opportunity!

Worldwide enduro track locator:


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  • Mika Madler 1 vuosi sitten

    why not the race version ?

  • aaronr 1 vuosi sitten

    After seeing the Beta Boano Six days there isn’t a bike I want more… unreal looking bike

  • Mike 1 vuosi sitten


  • Phil Ward 1 vuosi sitten

    The gentlemen's section eh? Hmmm….

  • Daniel H 1 vuosi sitten

    Love my rr200 just superlight agile and easy to handle

  • Jack o 1 vuosi sitten

    Thanks Aleksi, nice review. I bought the 2018 300 RR and love it. Runs strong and clean here in Colorado. Re jetted it for altitude and the tail pipe is almost always clean. A little bit of a concern when I see other 2 strokes always having a greasy tail pipe, but it keeps using the oil in the reservoir consistently. Tried the 200 rr at the demo days here in Colorado and bought one. It's very light and nimble, but even after re jetting it gets really only and uses quite a bit of gas. Was told Beta's seem to have there floats high in the carbs and I haven't adjusted that yet. They come with a 15-48 sprocket combo which is too high so I went to a 13 front. Waiting to get the 52 rear but it definitely woke it up.
    I'm a larger guy also but it seems to have good power which will improve once the carb and gearing is set better.
    It still has a couple of turns to go on the power valve and then there's always a lighter spring. May look into the Lectron carb in the future. Now I'm waiting for someone to come out with a 250-270 big bore kit for the 200, now that would be sweet. If you can ever make it to Colorado we can show you some incredible country!! And Moab is only 6 hours away!! Let me know!

  • jmgoggy 1 vuosi sitten

    I have both the 250 and 300 race editions which do not have oil injection. Maybe it was how the 250 you rode was set up but mine has a ton of grunt. And i agree the regular rr open chamber forks are too soft. Definitely race edition closed cartridge are an improvement.

  • Luukk1 1 vuosi sitten

    Katos kotikenttä!

  • Maverick224 1 vuosi sitten

    Were you riding the 250 on the rain map!,

    This is hardly a review, you cant review bikes on a demo ride, its an impression, nothing is setup, power valves on the 2t alter engine characteristics so much.

    Thanks for the vid.

  • Carlos Dias 1 vuosi sitten

    Excellent work as usual. Helped me on my way to find what can I do with just one bike – Love open fire trails. love technical single tracks! Beta is a great bike. I checked before other tests and seemed to agree[ I'll send an email when you have the time to sort this out. Appreciate your views and expertise. I'm way far 🙂 Congrats


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